Luxembourg – Hiking Heinerscheid Loop Auto-Pedestre

We did this loop on May 1st 2019. It is just under 11km with some elevation, so you should plan just under 3 hours. We saw a lot of families and groups enjoying their labour day in nature.

We parked at at restaurant-touristic center in the middle of Heinerscheid called Hotel Cornelyshaff. They had an extensive range of brochures about the nearby Our Nature Park in German, French and English. We ordered a cappuccino before getting started on our hike, and the staff was friendly. They have some menu items that you can order in advance. There are other restaurants in this town, but the spacious facilities as well as the terrace of this place means that we would probably choose to eat there next time we visit.

The view as you leave Heinerscheid for the fields

Flowery Fields

You begin the hike in the fields. It does not look like you are going to reach a forest anytime soon, but you will. At the beginning of May, the field is really pretty because it is filled with dandelion flowers. This flower is pretty and loved by the bees, and I like to look at it as if it is not just another common flower.

Dandelions near Hosingen

There was also other marked trails. It would be interesting to see what they have to offer! I did not recognize the names, but the signage was artistically hand-painted.

Other trails. The one we followed is the blue arrow on the white background

Our River

Soon enough after the fields you enter a forested area. There are some interesting geological formations that you can start to notice. Make sure you catch a view of the valley from the lookout area on your way down. You will go down in enlarged zigzag patterns for a while. At the end, you will pass by a camping ground. It is located near the Our River. The trail continues along this river. It is nice to be able to hear it flow as you go on.

Walking by the Our river

You will then pass through pine plantations that feel quite picturesque.

A very pretty section of the trail

WW2 Memorial

Later on you will turn right and face some elevation. If you feel up for it, it is a nice challenge to jog up until you exit the forested area. At this point, you will encounter a memorial honouring 5 young Luxembourgish men who attempted to escaped Nazi forces and hid in a bunker at this very location. There is another sign telling the whole story on how these men were forced to defend themselves but were ultimately killed. This was an unexpected find, and the rest of the trail gave us time to debrief and discuss about what had happened there.

A memorial to 5 young Luxembourgish men that were killed by the Nazis

We learned something while doing this hike, and imagined what it must have been like to be there at a different period.

Labour Day

Overall, the light mood that this hike created for us was probably influenced by some of the family gatherings we came by. We saw a group of young girls sitting in a circle in the field, probably taking a break from the louder family party that was happening at the nearby cottage.

Rating and Review

We enjoyed the Heinerscheid loop, especially the fact that the landscape changed quite a lot and that an historic aspect of this place was documented on site. We rate this loop 7/10. I would be willing to find out more about the other local trails that this town offers.

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